Security Automation from QOS Consulting

What Security Automation Really Means for You

Over 2,000 years ago, an inventor by the name of Ktesibios of…
List of benefits for ITIL

The Top 5 Business Benefits for Following ITIL Best Practices

ITIL is currently the world’s leading framework for ITSM best practices. Many of the world’s top companies utilize ITIL practices to better their businesses. Learn the top 5 benefits from its implementation.
Interconnected with ESM

Why Enterprise Service Management is Good for Your Company’s IT

What if there were a solution that utilized IT services that could streamline all processes? There is, and it’s called enterprise service management.
SD Wan

Why You Will Switch to SD-WAN in the Future if You Haven’t Already

The future of networks lies with SD-WAN. Learn about the benefits that your business will enjoy when you transition to using it.
Global Network with SD-WAN and SDN

SD-What? Comparing SD-WAN to SDN for Business

SD-WAN and SDN have several differences. Learning what those differences are can help you decide which is right for you.

Frank Cittadino Talks Cloud Deployment & SD-WAN with Interop ITX Attendees

Frank discusses the phenomenon of personal connections to mobile applications. He illustrates this idea and emphasizes the sheer velocity of change in tech.
Frank Cittadino's first picture as CEO of QOS Consulting

QOS Consulting Names Frank Cittadino Chief Executive Officer

QOS Consulting (QOS), a consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations implement innovative cloud and network solutions, announced today that it has named Frank Cittadino Chief Executive Officer.

QOS Consulting’s Frank Cittadino to Speak on SD-WAN at Interop ITX

Interop ITX, an independent business technology conference, is occurring during the week of May 15-19, 2017, and Frank Cittadino from QOS Consulting will be speaking about SD-WAN on Thursday, May 18th, in Las Vegas.
What is project management?

What is project management?

What is project management? PMI describes project management…

Erik Amneus Joins QOS Consulting

QOS brings in Senior Vice President of Emerging Technologies to add to Executive Leadership Team.